Family Counseling

Family Counseling

The family unit is incredibly important to individual mental health. And sometimes, I have entire families come in to talk about the different sides of the issues that they are experiencing.

This type of session is all about communication, awareness, and figuring out what types of problems exist within the family unit. Then, we work on finding practical, real-life solutions to help overcome the challenges.

I believe that the family unit is an important component of each person’s life.
So sometimes, I may bring the entire family in for a counseling session or two if I believe that it will be helpful, even if I am mostly doing individual counseling with that particular client.

This can be very helpful for discussing and processing things that affect (and are affected by) the entire family unit, and can be hugely beneficial.

If the client that I am seeing is under 18, at least one parent or guardian must come in and give permission for me to see them.

But it is also nice to meet the family, to get a sense of the situation, and to return to family counseling once in a while after I’ve done a bit of individual counseling with that particular client.