Counseling Services In Springfield, Mo.
Solutions Focused Counseling
I offer several different types of counseling at my practice in Springfield, Mo. Here is a breakdown of the different types of services I offer, and how they may help.
Individual Counseling
Individual counseling is the most common type of counseling.

This type of counseling session generally includes a blend of cognitive behavioral therapy and person-centered therapy. It is my own style, tailored to the needs of the individual client, what they prefer, and what they like.

I am a firm believer in individual counseling. I believe that it is extremely important for everyone to have a safe place to go. They need a space that is their space.

I use a person-centered approach. This means that my first objective is to form a positive, therapeutic relationship between the counselor and the client.

This is what makes counseling such a personal endeavor. It is also part of what makes it so powerfully transformative.

Family Counseling
I believe that the family unit is an important component of each person’s life.

So sometimes, I may bring the entire family in for a counseling session or two if I believe that it will be helpful, even if I am mostly doing individual counseling with that particular client.

This can be very helpful for discussing and processing things that affect (and are affected by) the entire family unit, and can be hugely beneficial.

If the client that I am seeing is under 18, at least one parent or guardian must come in and give permission for me to see them.

But it is also nice to meet the family, to get a sense of the situation, and to return to family counseling once in a while after I’ve done a bit of individual counseling with that particular client.

Couples Counseling
The two key components to a healthy relationship are trust and good communication.

And there are times when relationships have a lot of trust, but the communication is just not there.

There are also times when a relationship will have good communication, but an absence of trust!

The key focus of couples counseling is to help both partners to reestablish trust and communication with each other. This can open the door to a fruitful, fun, positive future for the relationship.

I believe that anybody who is engaged, looking to get married, going through a transition in their marriage, getting through the first year of marriage, or who just doesn’t feel like their relationship is where it should be should consider looking into counseling.

Having a counselor with an unbiased opinion, who wants to see both of you win, can be the key to reestablishing that much-needed trust and communication.